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    Hi all,

    I just purchased and installed the SCreate "Invisible Screen Protector" I bought from and thought I'd post a mini-review. You can find them by searching on Amazon for "GreyMobiles SCREEN/LCD SCRATCH PROTECTOR For Palm Pre (PACK OF 12)" but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere and outside the UK site.

    I've tried a couple of screen protectors before, and didn't really get on with them. They were either too fiddly to install like the Zagg InvisiShield, didn't fit well with a body case, or just messed up the "feel" of the touch screen.

    When I saw a pack of 12 dry (no applicator fluid) screen guards on for only 4.95, I wasn't expecting much given the price, but I've been pleasantly surprised. As I only have 1 post so far, it looks like I can't include images inline but I have attached 4 JPGs of :

    - The kit next to my Pre
    - Kit contents
    - A screen protector next to my Pre
    - My Pre immediately after application

    You get a kit with a small micro-fibre cleaning cloth, a flexible card for smoothing our air bubbles, and 12 screen protectors. Installation is a snap - you just have to make sure the Pre is totally clear of dust and grease first! You peel back one side of the protector which exposes a slightly sticky surface. After fitting this over the screen, you peel back the second side, and gradually smooth out the air bubbles while doing it.

    The first attempt I messed up because I didn't understand the two tab-system, and tried to apply two guards at once! The second time went really smoothly, but I had a couple of bits of dust trapped underneath that bothered me, so I just did it again and got a perfect finish - no bubbles, and no dust trapped underneath. In total, it took around 2-3 minutes to apply.

    The fact that you get 12 in a pack means you don't have to be afraid of experimentation, and I'm also happy to report that removing the protectors is very easy and doesn't leave any residue at all.

    Appearance-wise, you can't really tell my Pre has a screen guard on it. Under certain lights, you can of course see the edges but it doesn't impact the screen brightness or clearness in any way. After the guard has been first applied, it does make the screen feel slightly tacky - there's definitely more resistance to finger gestures and the like. This seems to fade after a couple of days usage though. It'll never feel like a "naked" Pre, but it didn't really bother me after it had been broken in, and it now feels pretty smooth.

    It's also not a "full case" protector, so it only protects the screen. For me, this is a bonus as it means a hard case will fit nicely around it (unlike the Zagg Invishield which seemed to cause problems). But it's not a total solution on it's own, as the back and sides could still get scratched without some additional protection there.

    So, overall - I'm massively happy. It's a total snap to install, no fluid or liquid applications, and it's only 4.95 for 12 so you can't really go wrong !

    Hope this short review helps

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