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    Ok so has a case for the PRE on their website, now as near as I can tell this case looks awesome, and the Iphone version of it my girlfriend has is pretty top notch. But the darn thing says coming soon! It has said coming soon for like a month! I tried emailing them and asking if there was any news as to when it would be available and I never got a response.

    Has anyone had any luck here? Or knows anything about this case coming out? If not I say we just bombard them with emails, might get the ball rolling if more interest is shown.
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    I too have signed up for e-mail updates and have sent an e-mail inquiring to an eta on release. They make great products.
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    I sent them an e-mail today. This was the second time I e-mail them. No responds at all.
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    I received an email yesterday - this case is available now on

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