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    My sister virtually makes a living out of destroying phones. And I'm not just talking scratches - she drops, runs over, hits, snaps; any way you can possibly imagine to destroy a phone, she's done it. All unintentionally, of course.

    Naturally, after seeing my Pre she decided she had to have one as her latest victim. So we got her a nice rubber case for the thing, and so far, so good. Now, however, she wants a Touchstone. Obviously, this presents a problem.

    We need a case that provides protection to the phone, while still allowing her to use the Touchstone without having to remove the case (because if it's too much trouble to put it back on, she'll simply leave it off).

    Any suggestions, or is her poor Pre doomed to repeat the fate of its predecessors?
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    I use the seido case,,makes phone look good and feel sturdy,,and it works well with ts.
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    You mean the "Innocase Surface"? (Sorry, I can't post links yet...)
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    If you don't mind some extra bulk, the hard case with a slider (available from both Verizon and Sprint) works very well and is touchstone compatable. The main difference is that the Verizon case has a complete cutout for the touchstone, whereas the Sprint case has an indentation. I can't post a link, but to get more info you can search the forums for:

    "New Hard-Cover for Pre - Purchased at Sprint"


    "Verizon's hard case get's it right!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by BraveMax View Post
    You mean the "Innocase Surface"? (Sorry, I can't post links yet...)
    yes,,thats it. Love it,,phones feels naked without it
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    Thanks for the suggestions - both sound excellent
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    Hey, Brave Max... i just got the sprint version of the slider case and i like it a lot. it does not work with a screen protector though. i have an extra unopened package if you want send me a PM. it comes with a chrome and a red face.

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