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    After upgrading to Web OS 1.4.0 my Pre bluetooth no longer goes through the car. It shows that it's connected to the car, but doesn't allow me to pick up the call using the I Drive. It also shows that it wants to connect. Anyone have similar issues with bluetooth? Solutions?
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    only solution now is to revert to firmware

    no fix as of yet

    (search..there is a long post on BMWs and 1.4 update)

    I am affected as well on my 528i
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    You could also trade in for a new BMW--seems to work in 2010s.
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    We're having a similar problem on a 2006 BMW M Roadster. Worked fine with
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    2006 M roadster, took it to dealership and every phone they used paired fine except my Pre. When you connect it the car just doesnt know what to do. It hangs there, and although is technically "connected", it's a mess when a call comes through. Rings through the car but nothing comes up on screen. Cant answer call through car. Must answer on phone, then when you do answer it shows on the screen "speed dialing ___" then the number that called. It connects but only goes through the phone not the car speakers. Total mess. BMW said I need to talk to carrier as it's not the car.
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    The new update does not work with BMW's apparently. Worked fine before update. I have a 2007 525i and the phone says connected, the car see's the phone and is listed in the PROFILE but no functionality. This is not good. I love you Palm can we get a fix on Bluetooth capability for Bimmer owners?
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    Seems to be with 2008 and later models it is working fine
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    There is a large post on the palm support forums

    Last I've read, they had BMW owners from the bay area bring their vehicles in so that they could try to isolate the cause of the problem. No idea when a fix will be made available. Palm is not doing a good job of letting customers know about when a solution will be made available.
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    So how does one go about reverting back to the firmware? Mine doesn't work with my 550i either...
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    WebOs 1.4.1 fixes the BMW bluetooth problem!
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    my 2k10 5 series pairs for calls, but lost my phone book access, any ideas??

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