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    Hello, I'm searching to buy a touchstone kit from the internet (I live in Cyprus) but all kits are very expensive. Can you suggest me any site to buy it from? I would buy it from precentral but it doesn't has Cyprus in the country list. Thank you
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    Amazon perhaps?
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    Check Ebay in the USA. There are a few that should ship to you and the prices have come down. Just make sure that you look for a seller with a high sale count and good %.
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    I have search both my and I found kits in good prices but they don't ship them in Europe. Is there any other choice?
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    I bought in O2 shop 44.95 (TS Charger + TS Back cover) same price/cheaper than ebay.
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    There is no O2 in Cyprus...
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    you can buy them from this website...
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    Yeah, how about PreCentral. Prices are certainly better than Sprint.
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    jus got one from amazon $43 after shipping the battery cover included
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    I told you that there is not Cyprus as an option in the precentral store.
    mksand28 can you give me a link?
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    Have you ordered stuff from international sellers yet? Some countries have nasty import duties and you may end up paying dearly for a little convenience.
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    touchstone. how does it help ? why do many like it?

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