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    I finally bought the touchstone recharger for my Pre Plus and I LOVE IT! Here's my situation, you know that sound the Pre makes when you hook it up to be charged whether it's on the touchstone or regular charger? Well, when I have it on the touchstone, it keeps sounding every 5-10 minutes. The regular charger never did that, but since I've used the touchstone, it just keeps blinging-- it's like Chinese water torture!

    Any suggestions???
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    The phone has to be positioned on the the touchstone in the right place. If mine isn't in the right spot it keeps 'beeping'.
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    If they had a back cover that's not rubbery (like the stock cover) AND the touchstone's surface would be the same, you wouldn't have this issue as the magnets would simply pull the phone into the correct position.
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    Have you upgraded to WebOS 1.4? I was having a similar problem and upgrading took care of it.

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