After searching the threads, I've found most posts about this are outdated (newer equipment available now).

I am looking for a good pair of earphones/buds that wont break bank. I have a set of Apple earbuds (hate 'em) and have been using the stock Pre earbuds lately just because they are louder than the Apple's.

I commute on the Metra (train) here in Chicago and am hoping to find something that is a great headset for volume. I'd rather not have something that shoves into my ear canals, and don't want a big gaudy set of over-the-ear headphones. I used to have a set of earbuds with the hook-loop for going over the ear - and they had a built in gain control (but once it got a bit dirty, it became very noisy if you touched it).

Anyone have a suggestion of a good headset for music and movies for the Pre that might offer some good volume?