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    Can the Pre run a decent set of studio quality headphones providing that I use a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter? If so, could somebody point me toward a decent set? I'll be carrying these to class so I would like to find something that is somewhat portable. Do they make ones that are self amplified so the battery drain isn't as drastic?
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    That's a damn good question. Did you ever find anything to answer your question? Now I'm interested in finding out also. That's a really good point you made at the end about self amplifying. Perhaps a good idea to have something like that incorporated in the next gen Palm Pre
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    Not sure about the amplification thing, but you don't need an adapter, the Pre does use the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, at least the ones in the U.S. do!
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    Do you care how sealed the sound is? Grado SR-80s produce the best sound out of any of the pairs I have. The Sony mdr-v6 are fairly comfortable and lightweight, and are much more "library friendly". Both of these can be driven by the headphone jack just fine.
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    It may be a little late. But I reccomend the Ultimate Ears headphones. They are really good quality in ear headphones with noise isolation. I can't reccomend you a model because it depends on your price range from 30 bucks to 400 :-)
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    You can use any model headphone you find via bluetooth with the Samsung Modus 3500. I actually like just wearing the Samsung headset even tho it's mono at work, its like your regular one ear headsets you use for phone calls. I can leave my phone on my desk or have it in my purse. It has an adapter that you can use & a clip to clip it to your shirt to use any headphones you have via bluetooth for better sound quality and still answer calls.

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