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    Which hard case would be best if I wanted decent protection (Mostly the screen because I keep dropping it and the the screen keeps breaking) without the added bulk so that it feels like a 1970 mobile phone.
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    I would wait on the OtterBox Tandem series case for the Pre. Don't know when it will be availiable. On a side note I have heared that some hard cases cause the Pre to get hot. I can say my Rocketfish case does make it a bit toasty. I'm looking for a better case and holster mainly one that will let me switch batteries easily. I tire of removing two back covers just to change batteries.
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    I use seido case which adds hardly any bulk and actully makes phone look better and feel sturdier
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    the one from bestbuy is beast.
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    I might just wait for the tandem case from otterbox to come out. I keep hearing stories of the seidio tabs breaking off a lot. Thanks
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    I'm eyeing the Xentris hard case & holster combo from Radio Shack. Altho I'd love the Otterbox. I want something I can put on my belt.
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    I highly recommend the Seidio Innocase-belt clip combo. If you get the seidio innocase, invest in a screen protector. The case is quite good, but it leaves the touchscreen vulnerable which is understandable it being a touch screen and all. I like Phantom Skinz, it offers great protection while being virtually invisible and the Seidio Innocase fits perfectly on top of it. Zagg's Invisible Shield is noticeably thick and will render many cases, Seidio's included, from fitting over it. I also am not a fan of the feel of Zagg's patent pending invisible shields. It's strange texture almost adds a resistive feel to capacitative touch screen devices. With Phantom Skinz, I can't even tell that I have screen protector on. Also the flaps in the corners are concealed by the Seidio Innocase so you have the maximum protection while preserving (and in my opinion enhancing) the aesthetic of your Pre.

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    Also the belt clip Seidio makes that perfectly fits your innocase is extremely impressive. It's spring clip design securely holds your Pre just right and allows for quickly popping it in and out. The screen faces in providing extra protection and you can take the phone on and off the clip without unplugging your headphones. I've received comments from Sprint store employees covetously eying my Pre.

    You can also get the innocase in a variety of colors like Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Ash Grey, Rose Pink & Burgundy if you feel like spicing it up a little bit.

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