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    When I got my pre plus I ordered the "Wearable pouch" for the pre from the verizon store. The case is nice, but unfortunately, it covers the headphone jack when I holster my pre. So my question is, which cases do you recommend that won't impede touchstone use, and with which I can still listen to music while I'm using it. (I tend not to like cases with removable belt clips, since they tend to break more easily than those that aren't removable.

    Thanks for your help!
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    i used the innocase with the audio port clip (two sided around the jack). Worked well for a while, but becasue of the two invisible shield, too tight and the case cracked. I since got a wireless bluetooth stereo headset (altek lansing-love it) and a generic $7.00 case at Marshalls which is the best fit i've seen so far. Hope this helps.
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    I use a Swiss Mobile case that clips on a belt or pants and there is a little side play and allows you to use the headphone jack. I purchased it at Bestbuy, bring your Pre and headphones with you and try the different cases, that's how I found mine...
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them out. (I've been hesitant on cases with removable clips in the past, as they never seem to last more than 6 months).

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