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    Ordered this when I ordered my pre.
    Didn't know what to expect because I ordered it over the phone and when I looked at it online the picture never loaded right. I figured I could always return it if I didn't like it.

    It's similar to the Seido spring clips, in that it is a rear facing (back faces out) holster with a spring loaded clip on the top that holds the phone in.

    The Clip:
    Located on the top right corner the clip is spring hinged and sturdy. It wraps around the back of the phone with nothing being inserted in between the two halves. It does take some time to get used to how strong it is. You cannot just push the phone and have the clip grab it, you have to lift the clip and put the phone in. It takes a little practice but this can be done with one hand.
    The clip is also far enough to the side so that it does not interfere with the audio jack on the top of the phone.

    The Body:
    Standard molded plastic body with a slight rubberized feel to it. A nice feature is the soft liner that is on the large surface that comes in contact with the face of the phone. It isn't the best screen cleaner but it also won't scratch your phone/screen protector

    The Belt Clip:
    7 position rotating belt clip also has a slight rubberized feel to it. It has a strong spring and a beefy hinge pin. much bigger pin that I’ve seen on previous clips.

    I would recommend this clip to anyone who asked. I've owned a lot of phones and used many different types of clips and cases. This doesn't have any cheap feel to it and I am not worried about my phone falling out. I would buy it again, and if you're considering getting it, you should.
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    I have the same holster. Although I prefer to buy most accessories from anyone but Verizon (they have WAY overpriced, knock-off chargers, for instance), I have had outstanding luck with the belt clip holsters they sell. I have tried many others holsters for many other phones (my preferred phone carrying method), and none have had the usability and durability of the Verizon-sold models.

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