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    I have tried streaming WLAN to BT audio with RadioTime and DrPodder and basically it does not even have to be streaming - any prolonged WLAN activity will kill the A2DP link.

    I have two different BT A2DP devices, and it is also not related to WLAN security. I suspect wireless interference between WLAN and BT causes the link to fail - both radios use the same 2.4 GHz band. I believe there are some remedies (workarounds?) for this; maybe these have not been implemented on the Pre.

    As soon as I turn off WLAN and stream through UMTS, the BT A2DP works fine. Also, it works perfectly over WLAN when turning off BT and using a wired headset.

    I really hope Palm can address this in an upcoming webOS release.

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    I think it's definitely a WiFi problem, although some of you might have a BT issue with your particular A2DP device.

    Reason being is that WiFi connections haven't worked well on 1.4.x Pres, whether when BT is being used or otherwise. I have seen my Pre take my WiFi router down to 1Mbps (and all other WiFi clients suffer, too), even when in close proximity to the WiFi router.

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    It's definitely webOS .. . Whatever. Anyways, my solution is just to swipe away the app, and reopen it. But I'm sure this will be fixed in the near future with an update. Hopefully!
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    I have had 3G or WiFi, GPS, A2DP, all going at once on (Sprint) and have not seen any hardware related issues. I can say that Pandora and LostFM do sometimes have hiccups on advancing to new tracks, but Radio Hibiki charges through without fail. So I think this has to do with the apps and how they handle the streaming.
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    Coming back to update my own thread. I didn't even bother on 1.4.5 (just forgot about it actually) on with webOS 2.1 I can now stream music into the Pre2 and pipe output to a BT sync (blackberry music gateway). Nothing has changed on my setup. The WLAN is still WPA2/Personal, the BT sync is the same. The hardware and webOS versions did change though. Sprint FrankenPre2 with webOS2.1.0.

    I guess the title of the thread is still valid "webOS v1.4, Bluetooth output, Internet streaming. Pick two. " I *UN*pick webOS v1.4 :-)

    Added bonus!!! I can now connect the music profile and the headset profile to two different BT devices!!!
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