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    the problem is evertime i answer a call while the pre is on the touchstone in my car it automatically goes to speakerphone even though it is connected to bluetooth.

    ive got everything setup like i want. i bought the xcarlink bluetooth/sd card/usb setup to connect to my factory radio and i got a proclip vehicle mount to mount the touchstone on.

    does anyone know if there is a way that i can change this or can someone possibly make a patch for it?
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    If you answer the phone by tapping on the screen, then it assumes you want to interact with the phone, aka speakerphone due to the touchstone. If you push the button on your bluetooth when the phone rings, the bluetooth is what will answer the call. So if you're using some special car kit - find out what the answer/hangup button is and hit that to answer the call instead of tapping the screen.

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