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    A solid set of in ears with decent quality audio. On the pre, there is a noticeable bit of digital overmodulation in the highs, but the DR-BT100CX has surprisingly deep lows with a nice for a2dp bass experience. The controls were simple enough though the pause button is a bit easy to press down by accident. While talking the microphone quality is "loud and clear" according to the responses to my incessant "how am I coming through?" greetings.

    Now prior to FW1.4, while playing music through a2dp, the handset would lag severely. I would say almost to the point where it was unusable. Now it's not snappy, but it's a vast improvement. With 1.4 came some very welcome performance tweaks and it shows by minimizing that lag to just noticeable and allows me to complete my crosswords without frustration.

    I've paired the DR-BT100CX with an iPhone 3Gs as a test and there was no noticeable lag whatsoever in operating the device while sending music via a2dp. The sound quality was also a bit cleaner with minimal distortion and near pristine highs. But it doesn't multi-task so I'll insert the obligatory "suck it" as many in this forum might if a like circumstance were to present itself.

    All in all, the Sony DR-BT100CX is an attractive in ear a2dp solution. And with FW 1.4, Pre users can now enjoy their music while operating their handsets without frustration and depressing lag.
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    I gotta add, don't expect to be running 3d gaming and using these headsets, video (even camcorder) is fine, anything seriously taxing to the pre will not be helped by adding a2dp to the mix. I tried playing need for speed and I played one level experiencing minor lag here and there, but after 5 minutes it froze and the pre restarted itself. It did work pretty well for a while. Also I was uploading video in the background. I'll try a more controlled test later, this was my experience in the wild.

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