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    I'm sure most of you guys have noticed how difficult it is to open the battery port to the Palm Pre. I italicized 'guys' because it's easier to open with longer finger nails.
    Anyways, I really feel palm made it so difficult to get open so more people would become frustrated with it and result to the Touchstone so you don't have to bother with it anymore.

    Hey, that's why I bought one. I used to have to open it every time with a mechanical pencil and still do when connecting it to my mac!

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    it's easier to open it if you slide the phone up first.. then you can use your index and your thumb.. but i do think it was a conspiracy.. they want you to buy a touchstone.. and it's also hard to disconnect the charge from the touchstone.. sighs.. that's my biggest pet peeve about this device
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    it's easier to open it if you slide the phone up first.. then you can use your index and your thumb.
    WOW. I just tried it and it's super easy. Neat. I thank you.
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    I bought one cause of other phones dying due to charging port failure(not pre's just other phones in general). Thought it would also be convenient and wouldn't you know, I love the thing. Just need one for my car(with cradle not just magnets) and I'm set.

    Price is a bit much but I regret nothing in my purchase. I use my phone at home alot and now it's a must have, until we have an on board generator it's the next best thing.
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    there's a reason the touchstone got best peripheral from engadget. Not only is it cool, it's actually useful. I thought it was another to eat my dollar till I bought one. Conspiracy or not it's a great product.
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    I got mine on eBay for a nice price.

    I think it'd be neat if they made one for your car dashboard.
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    It's not a conspiracy. The fact that the usb is hidden is AWESOME and makes for a really good quality feel.
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    It's not easy to make a good USB door on a phone. The phone a had before my Pre+ (a Samsung Sway... ugh) had such an annoying USB (not even USB... it was some proprietary port) door was so annoying that I got a scissor and cut it off, causing some minor scratches... the Pre's door may be pretty inconvenient, but I've had worse.

    I think they should've put it on the bottom of the phone... that way, if it falls off, it's a little less visible, and less distracting.

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