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    So i work for sprint and i get all sorts of accessories recently i just got the blackberry curve holster and it fits amazing. Thats not my issure. This is sheer confusion. Everyone knows that blackberrys holster put the phone on standby with the magnet thats in there. So every so often i lock my pre and put it into my holster and when i pull it out the phone comes out of standby just like a blackberry does. I do not press any buttons and the lock screen DOES NOT come up it goes right to my home screen. Can anyone enlighten me? Im super lost. Will this damage the phone? why is it doing that? So many questions. So many palm pre users to turn to

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    There is a spot on the top left corner of the screen that responds to magnetic fields.

    If touched with the right pole of a strong enough magnet it will wake the device and unlock the screen, the same as if it was lifted off the Touchstone.
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    Oh that makes sense. Thank you for the info. That may open up alot of accessory options for palm to maybe make their own blackberry type holster.
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    I have the same issue, so I simply put me Pre in backwards facing away from the magnet and it seems to work fine!
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    i have a blackberry holster as well, and the phone fits beautifully. I was hoping that my magnet would get the phone out of standby, but my particular one is apparently not strong enough.

    No, it will not damage your phone. The touchstone uses magnets as well, and the TS back has magnets, and neither harms the phone.

    just confirmed it with my holster. If I rub the magnet over the left top corner of the screen (front of phone), it brings the phone out of standby. How cool..
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    I know! I sort of mastered it so whenever i take it out it automatically takes the phone out of standby its pretty cool and really convienent

    Its not an issue either csquare I just wanted to figure out exactly what made it do it and i did

    Anywho Webos 1.4 today? Spoke with a palm rep 2 days ago he said the delay was indeed on vzws end and today should be the day as far as he knows.
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    Can anyone post a pic of this Holster? I might be interested in getting one.
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