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    I definitely want to mount a touchstone in my car, in such a way that will allow me to see the screen as I am driving (for GPS reasons).

    But I want to avoid using any kind of mounting technique that will permanently damage the interior, like epoxy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I know it is a long thread, but there are many pictures in the "Palm Pre using a Touchstone mounted in your car? Post your pictures here!" thread.
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    I just bought some velcro, put two strips on the back of the touchstone, two strips where I wanted to mount on the car, and then rounded the corners to give it a clean look. Depending on the velcro, the adhesive on the back should not do permanent damage to the car, at least mine did not after being on for a week.
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    PROCLIP has a 2 part mount system, one for your specific vehicle and one for your specific phone, then you attach them to each other.

    i just bought the proclip mount for my vehicle only and superglued my touchstone to it.

    it looks great! and the proclip vehicle mounts dont screw to anything they just clip in between your dash panels. check em out
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    I used velcrose strips to mount my ipod and after 2 years I wanted to move the strip closer to my steering wheel to mount my Pre, it peeled right of with no residue.
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    great suggestion.

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