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    Is there anyway to patch all audio through the phone to be heard on my BT?
    Ie music player, pandora, youtube, movies... etc?
    or is there anyway this can be done already?
    That would just be GREAT!
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    Mine seems to do that already, but it's decidedly NOT what I want it to do.

    I get into the car, and am talking on the phone with a wired handset, and the car hijacks the call (the wired handsfree i use is a whole lot better than the bluetooth spreakerphone in the car's radio).

    I'd like a patch that would let me specify the priority order of phone and music playback... BT Audio always #1 choice for music, wired headphones next, speaker last. and for phone calls, Wired headset ALWAYS #1 choice for calls, BT Audio second choice, phone's earpiece last.
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    The pre does that in a stellar fashion. I get into my truck, it hooks up with the multimedia system, and has full voice dialing thro the truck's system, does pandora via BT, answers calls, navigates, etc. Plus I have Sat radio, CD changer, AM/FM... blah blah. More stuff than I can shake a stick at.
    I dont know about movies and ytube. They have not been important to me.

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