I use the following vent mount (made by iGrip) for my Pre:


The base that attaches to the vent separates from the phone holster, and has 4 tabs where you can easily slide it on or off.

My wife just got a BlackBerry Curve 8530... I'm thinking of getting her this mount for her phone:


Since they are both made by iGrip, will the base portion that attaches to the vent be exactly the same, and have the same 4 tabs where you can attach the holster for either the Pre or the BlackBerry to the same base, without having to pry it loose from the vent? That would be real handy.

Right now I move my mount from my car to hers when we take trips (she has the nicer car, LOL), and it's a real pain to move the whole mount out of the vent. I was thinking of getting a second identical mount for my Pre to use in her car, but this would save me the trouble.

I'm guessing the iGrip mounts are cross-compatible, but wanted to check for sure before ordering one, maybe someone has more experience or knowledge about these mounts. :-)