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    Does not work see post #6 for different 2nd attempt

    I have all the parts.
    1 usb "y" (2-F to 1-F mini)
    1 usb splice M-M
    1 palm usb cable
    2 palm Toutchstones

    Took the Palm USB a/c unit to USB "y". Took the usb mini end and plugged it into one TS. It works fine. Took the left over standard usb-F end from "y" and connected it to the M-M splice then palm usb cable. Took that and plugged it into the other TS. It did not work even with if I unplugged the first TS.

    Am I missing something here? I am going to try to trace the ends of the "Y" and splice. Thinking there might be a flip type crossover somewhere.
    Anyone been able to get it to work or have any ideas?
    My hope is that one A/C unit has enough output to power two Touchstones.
    Why am I doing this? In the name of science. Oh and if you see Science, tell him I said "hi".

    Does NOT work. See post 6.
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    wow thats a good idea wish i thought of it
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    If we (here in the forum) get it to work I will update the first post. The idea came when I got my wife a Pre this weekend and she and I now have a TS on our nightstands. I thought what the heck do I have two plugs for? maybe I could Y it. So here we are.
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    seems like a usb hub would be an easier solution unless you only have to one micro usb cable
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    sounds like u need more juice
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    Thought of the USB hub but it will not supply the current that a Palm A/C - usb adapter will supply (i think). Anyway, I ended up splicing together two usb mini-f and one usb-f. Hooked everything up and one palm will charge at a time. When I put a second one on the other TS it just keeps going into and out of charge mode. Switched phones and switched TS unit. Same result.

    So in conclusion. One Palm A/c - usb charger will NOT supply enough current to two Touchstones.

    Well all, thank you for entertaining the idea. Next will be a hub or modified one. And if anyone gets this to work using only one outlet and less than the combined wattage demand of two Palm a/c units let us know here.
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