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    I customized my battery door with a Carbon overlay material. Let me know what you think. Its a touchstone back and the touchstone still functions 100% Corners look a little rough but haven't finished smoothing it out, just wanted to get pics up a soon as possible to show my progress.

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    Nice job. I like the look of it.
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    Looks cool. What's it feel like?
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    It feels just like it looks, it has a texture to it. I actually like the way it feels in my hand. I used to have the clear ghost armor on it before this. I used the actual Ghost armor as a template to cut this out. Its the same thickness as the ghost armor.
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    What is the name of the product & where did you get it???

    Nice work m8!!!
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    Looks great - nice job!
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    Looks great! Awesome work.
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    Its called 3M Di-NOC Carbon Fiber Vinyl. Ive used it to customize car interiors for awhile now and had some extra material laying around when i got the idea. Heres a link
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    You you are gonna hafta post instructions. Most of us have never w*rked with that stuff. Also how much was needed? Looks like you can get a 4 X 8 piece for $8 that includes shipping.
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    This material is almost ***** proof. Its easier that any screen protector to apply. No water involved. Its pretty much like sticking on a sticker. If you get it wrong, just rip it of and readjust then stick it again. If you crease or wrinkle it you can apply heat and the wrinkles come right out. May need some heat for contouring the corners and then a razor for trimming excess.I will do a full write up later.
    I used almost excactly the amount you see for the size of the phone. Trimmed off maybe an 1/8th of an inch off of excess. I had a 12x12 piece left and i could probably do ten more phones easy with alot left over. There are videos out there showing the application process that can be googled.
    Take the battery cover off while doing it to make it easier to cut. I used my old ghost armour for a cutting template for positioning of the cutouts for logo, camera, and speaker.
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    Caqn we get some more pics from the front and sides? I like the idea and just want to know how it looks from all angles. Thanks!
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    That is freakin' soweeeet!

    Don't have my Pre yet (waiting for 755p contract to end mid-June to see if 2nd-gen Pre will be out by then), but this product is definately going on my list of must-haves.
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    carbon fiber= sexy
    palm pre= sexy
    that pic just got me all worked up
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    OK...that's just plain RAD!!!! Sounds like you need to figure out how to go into production and set up shipping pre cut ones out.
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    Very Nice! You might want to consider making a little money off of this. Many people aren't very skilled with an ex-acto knife.
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    Now I have carbon fiber on the brain. Thanks!!!. It does look really cool and unique.
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    Yea, that looks great. I'm thinking you could make some money off this. You could either sell precut material or already customized battery doors.
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    Nice I like it.
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    Please be sure to post some instructions when you have time. I'm ordering the material now! do you recomend using the primer the site talks about? Can you smooth out the corners without it?

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    I would assume that the Touchstone with still work with the carbon fiber backing. Am I correct in this assumption

    Please excuse my ignorance. I'm not at all knowledgeable about Carbon Fiber and what it is exactly made out of and the such.
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