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    PM Sent for some work
    Need a case or battery touchstone compatible? I just released my OtterBox case that works with the Touchstone. Check out the links below.

    Some user feedback here:
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    *JAW DROP*

    that. is. gorgeous.
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    I want...
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    This is the type of accessories that needs to be more out there on the market, alternative backs and the like.
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    Just removed mine.

    I had it on (the original product that gsx62391 posted) since day-two of getting my Pre back in April. I never did manage to get the creases completely out of the all the corners. Eventually one particular spot that I had over-heated during installation (top @ phone jack) simply chipped away (the excessive heat made it brittle) and what I was left with was a millimeter or so of missing material that caused the rest of it to eventually began peeling away.

    I suppose I could have just removed it and done another application. But honestly, I had been very dissapointed from day-one that this texture makes the back of my Pre more slippery than the original glossy back plate.

    I was actually glad to get back to the 'grip' of the Touchstone cover. I feel much more confident now when taking my phone out of my pocket or just holding it in general. That faux carbon fiber backing just made it feel like a wet stone or a bar of soap - just waiting for the first chance it could get to slip out of my hand and have me coughing up that $100 insurance replacement cost.
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    I ended up taking mine off too. The creases in the corners were driving me nuts and it had an overall uneven feeling since it was an overlay and not a part of the actual backplate.

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