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    Wow. These are Nice. I'd completely do up my laptop, too. If you ever get the time, could you update with a youtube video on how you got the corners so neat with the heat gun? Having applied similar stuff, I know there's always a bit of art to this that it helps to see before trying.

    Fantastic work!
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    there are a couple vids up already where 2 people apply it to the back of a car. It shows how forgiving the stuff is. If you mess up,just heat it and try again.

    on my computer, I simply got it warm, then used my thumbnail to stretch it out smooth.

    for the pre, I don't quite have all the corner wrinkles out. Maybe the OP can comment on that.
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    Looks nice, I like ! I for one am willing to buy a pre-cut piece from you, so I dont have to botch up material trying to make one myself !
    I have a Pre, got it last June when they first came out !
    Make some that are ready to mail to people, and I am sure you can earn a few bucks selling them....I'll pay for one !!
    PM for email.
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    how does it wear? does it scratch? thank you
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    I will be trying this out, just ordered some of the black carbon fiber. I may add it as an "add on" option for my touchstone extended battery mods! Great job!
    Need a case or battery touchstone compatible? I just released my OtterBox case that works with the Touchstone. Check out the links below.

    Some user feedback here:
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    This looks so good.
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    found this stuff in every color but i'm new so it wont let me link u guys. but i'd have to have a green one lol
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    Can you put the pricing on this forum? Might be interested in the pre-cut.
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    Did i miss the step by step part???
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    tungsten - no scratches at all, but I'm sure that may change if you keep your phone with your keys.

    pchrist - cut out a piece, the exact size was mentioned before.
    pop the back off the phone
    stick it on, if it isn't lined up, pull off and try again
    grab a heatgun or hairdryer, heat up the edges
    once warm, use your thumbnail to stretch it around the bends.
    repeat last two steps till nice and smooth
    use the exacto knife to trim the edges
    cut out the camera and flash hole by cutting from the back, and slice the holes.
    cut out the palm logo and speakerhole ring by cutting with the tip

    this stuff is very forgiving.
    Here is a link to the site with a movie showing it put on a car:
    3M Di-NOC Carbon Fiber Vinyl : Carbon Fiber Gear
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    Very nice! I like it. And I would buy one.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    Ok feeling brave think i may give this a try and order some!!!!!!
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    That... is... AWESOME. I've only had my Pre Plus since March, and already I'm bored of the back cover... it's not a fingerprint magnet like the non touchstone one, but it's kinda looking a bit old after I've seen the Pixi artist series backs. Nicely done! I'd really like to make one of these. How can I do it?
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    Hey, is there anywhere you can get this cheaper than Possibly for a larger size for covering a few things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepherous View Post
    found this stuff in every color but i'm new so it wont let me link u guys. but i'd have to have a green one lol
    Can you tell us the name of the website???
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    I did some Google searches and found this site:

    Carbon Fiber Sheets <-----lots of colors, including pink!
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    All the talk on here so far is specifically refering to the 3M dinoc cf vinyl. That site may very well offer a good product, but I would do a little research first.

    I got mine off ebay . The seller was dossico. It was $10 shipped for 1 square foot.
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    ok i got some of this and can't seem to get my bottom edges to smooth out???

    Any suggestions??
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    While the back is off the phone, just get it real hot, and use your thumbnail. If that still does work, cut the 'spine' of the with the exacto, and smooth one side down, cut the other side off with nail clippers. It should be less than 1mm, and hardly noticeable.
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    I did this project and pleased with the results. The new feel is something to get used to especially since the back cover is now a few mm thicker than the front plate.

    Step-by-Step (my instructions):

    I ordered from Carbon Fiber Film | Dedicated To Selling 3M Carbon Fiber DI-NOC Vinyl and has a sample of 4" by 8" for 8 dollars with free shipping. Got my order in a couple of days after. There is plenty of film for the entire back cover.

    1. Take off back cover of phone
    2. Obtain a clear sheet material
    - I used a ziploc bag which one side cut out
    3. Lightly wet the back cover and the clear sheet
    4. Stick them together
    5. Use a permanant marker, preferably the thin ball point kind, to trace the outsides of the camera, LED, speaker, and Palm logo.
    6. Remove the traced clear sheet and place on the carbon fiber film.
    7. Cut the outlines with a box cutter or your choice of instrument
    8. Apply the carbon film to the back cover (make sure its dry)
    9. Use a hair dryer to get it to stick nice and evenly
    10. Cut the edges with scissors, I wouldn't recommend letting the film lap over into the inside of the back cover.
    11. Use a razor blade or box cutter to cut the top and bottom of the back cover where the headphone jack is.
    12. At the corners of the back cover, heat it and push the film towards the edge with your fingers.
    13. Use fingernail clippers to get the areas that are bunched up.
    14. (Optional) Use sandpaper and LIGHTLY soften up the edges of the back cover where the carbon fiber was cut.

    Personally the hardest parts are getting the traces cut perfectly and also the corner to look and feel right. It takes a lot of patience.

    For those who are worried about the touchstone not working, my Pre works with the carbon fiber film attached, but there is definitely a impact on how strong the magnets are. My best bet would be to replace the current magnets in the back cover with stronger ones. There is another thread that outlines the how-to for this project.

    If you have any questions then PM me or reply here.

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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