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    Quote Originally Posted by vizi View Post
    Very Nice! You might want to consider making a little money off of this. Many people aren't very skilled with an ex-acto knife.
    Exactly! I'm an architect, so using an exacto knife is second nature for me, but looking at those close-ups around the speaker, camera lense and palm logo, things could (and will) get real dicey real quick for a lot of people trying to make it look as seamless as yours. Those circular cuts will be especially challenging to make flawless.
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    BTW, you say it still charges on the Touchstone with no issues - which I don't at all dispute. But about what percentage of "hold" or magnetism would you say it has lost? Even if it's just 10% or 15%, it's gotta loose a little bit of it's ability to "hold" to the Touchstone simply because you're introducing another layer of material between the back cover and the charging base.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    I would assume that the Touchstone with still work with the carbon fiber backing. Am I correct in this assumption

    Please excuse my ignorance. I'm not at all knowledgeable about Carbon Fiber and what it is exactly made out of and the such.
    This material is not real carbon fiber. It's a nylon fiber woven to ressemble carbon fiber.
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    I would pay $50.00 for something like that pre-cut.
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    I think you may have something there man! If you can make more, say in pre-cut form for everyone we could have one serious group buy!!

    What do you say??
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    Looks good man!
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    Sweet! I'm ready to mail you my spare door right now. If you are interested in making a couple of extra bucks, PM me your address and a price and I'll send it out today!
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    that is amazing. really.
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    I will do more pics with better lighting and more angles later
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    Bump -

    C'mon gsx62391, where are those updated pics?
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    Very, very nice. Once you get it worked out, you should sell those.
    The Saint
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    I'm in for one! What's ur paypal lol...
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    Sorry i havent updated. Pre went down after the 1.4 update and had to wait for a replacement to come in. Also just havent had alot of time lately. I will get more pics up soon.
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    If you can figure out how to clean up the edges, I'd be interested in buying one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtoad05 View Post
    If you can figure out how to clean up the edges, I'd be interested in buying one.

    if you can pm me with the price youd def get one!
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    same here
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    There are better prices on ebay, and hopefully its the real stuff.

    There's even a seller offering 3"x5.5" pieces for .99 shipped! Just search for 3m di-noc and sort by price.

    I'll get a 12x12 from dossico for 10shipped and do up the netbook as well.

    This is an awesome idea, thanks.
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    I would buy one right now!
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    pretty impressive.
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    You gonna start accepting battery cover's via mail and doing this for others on the side for a small fee? I'd take you up on it!!!!!!!!
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