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    I love the Zagg InvisiShield screen protector. But my issue is that I am now having to swap out my Pre, and I was wondering if there is any hope of getting a replacement one from either Sprint or Zagg. This is the third one I will have to buy first Shield I put on the original Pre bought at launch. That one was returned due to a defective headset jack, and the Shield went with it.

    I have had my second Pre since June, and it has been great. But over the past two weeks, it has been randomly shutting off (not battery related, as it can happen while just sitting there on my desk...) and will not properly reboot. (Gets stuck at boot logo, have to do 1-3 battery pulls before it comes up). So my replacement is ordered and should be in tomorrow, and I hate to think about having to pony up to buy yet another InvisiShield.

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    Zagg has a lifetime replacement warranty... all you need to do is call them and they will send you a brand new shield for just a few bucks (the price of shipping) and then you HAVE TO SEND BACK YOUR OLD SHIELD!!!

    So, take off the shield before returning your phone and then just order a replacement from Zagg.. I have done this already and it worked well
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    I've purchased many InvisiShields from ZAGG and have always loved them. Since they have a lifetime replacement guarantee, I've had mine replaced on multiple occasions for little or no cost. I'd suggest calling ZAGG up and giving them the order number (on the email they sent you I believe) and letting them know that the screen protector is scratched. They will probably ask you to pay for shipping and they may or may not ask you to send the original one back (but remember to pull off the old one before you give the phone back, just in case).
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    Audemars02, you beat me to it (with an almost identical answer).
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    Yea man, i have gotten like 4 replacement shields for free already
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    Thanks for the feedback guys...I will definitely be pulling off my shield tonite. I just wished I knew that on my first one! LOL

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