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    I'm having trouble Hotsync-ing Motion Apps Classic (latest v2.x) via bluetooth with my Thinkpad Laptop. They seemingly connect via bluetooth okay (except for the Sprint warning of not allowing tethering...) but I cannot initiate a Hotsync - it just times out... Has anyone had any success of Hotsyncing Motion Apps Classic via bluetooth???
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    I had the same issue. I finally figured it out.

    I'm running Win 7 on a Thinkpad T61. Looks like your paired so now in the "devices and printers" you see your Pre listed. Click on it and menus will change to have a connection menu. Select the only menu item, I believe it was "Access point" (not at that system right now). It then created a new network (selected home). Then on the Pre you see in the "Bluetooth preferences" the pairing shows your laptop but now has a world icon also. Your connected correctly now.

    On the Win 7 system in the Control panel "network and sharing" you see the new network. The key now is to select the bluetooth network properties here (connections for that network) and then select details. This will tell you the IP. Mine was In HotSync you do the "Select PC" It finds nothing. But then you can select "other" and type in the IP your PC showed. Then the Syc will connect and work (but very slow).

    When I finally got a full sync done it changed the HotSync to have my Laptop name but a different IP. I then could not connect again. I have had to put in the IP every time to sync. Anyone know how to fix this one?

    Hope this works for you


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