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    I'm not an expert in audio or electronics but there has got to be a product out there that would meet my criteria. I'm looking for some new earbuds (audio quality is NOT my main concern) that could potentially increase my battery life. I use my Pre pretty heavily for music (working out, sleeping without annoying my girlfriend, studying at school, etc.) and noticed the battery drops pretty fast when listening to a lot of music. With floor standing speakers, the sensitivity rating refers to how much electricity the speaker uses with a given length of wire, so headphones with a higher sensitivity should allow the Pre to be set on a lower volume while producing the same amount of sound. Has anyone else researched this? Anyone have any ideas on some...sensitive...earbuds?
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    i seriously doubt the earbuds will have any (noticeable) battery life effects
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    I'm guessing the volume rocker just adjusts the voltage that goes to the plug. If a pair of headphones sounds good enough at 3, rather than a pair at 7, that's gotta be substantial. Speakers don't use a lot of power, until they do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    i seriously doubt the earbuds will have any (noticeable) battery life effects
    Agreed, I haven't done extensive testing, but I've never noticed any noticeable drain on battery either. There's alot of other things using up power on your phone and it's not those.

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