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    I just bought the Blueant Supertooth 3 and I want to mainly use it to stream my podcasts, but I can't seem to get the audio to go through the blueant, it just goes through the Pre's speaker. I don't have any problem with calls going through the blueant, just podcasts/music. In Derek's review of the S1, he was able to get music through that, so I don't know why this pricier model wouldn't. Any suggestions?
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    Check the specs before you buy. If it doesn't *specifically* say it supports the A2DP profile, then it probably doesn't. I don't see that in a quick look at the specs for the Blueant Supertooth 3.
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    Go into your Bluetooth Preferences on the Pre and make a note of what icons are displayed beside the Blueant unit when the Pre's connected to it. A unit that supports A2DP will show a musical note in addition to the phone icon.
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    I guess I didn't read close enough. It can play music if the phone supports "handsfree profile" which apparently, the pre does not. Oh well, can still return it for another one. Thanks for the help.
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    The S1 is the the only model that does A2DP from Blueant. I had the S1 and it worked really well for about 10 days then it pretty much wait to crap. I called Blueant and they said it seemed like a bad unit so I returned it. I have a Moto T505 on the way. Hope it is better than the S1. However, I do own a Blueant Supertooth Light and it is solid, just not A2DP and it doesn't auto reconnect.
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    the blueant q1 does A2DP streaming music. there is a firmware update on their website that updates the bluetooth. works great. possibly youir model has an update

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