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    Which one is the best and has had the least amount of failures...Mugen, Amzer, others?...I assume all are touchstone compatible?
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    Have been using Mugen's 1400's in our 3 Pre's for a couple of months now with no issues. Like the performance and works great with the TS chargers and no problems with turning off when opening and closing the keyboard.
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    Thanks I have been reading on the web that these batteries are actually 1350Mah but marked 1400Mah...for the users on this forum does this seem true compared to stock or just bad internet information...?

    Anybody use AMZER or other eBay brands?
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    there probally from what I read 1350Mah but thats no biggie. Amzer and Mugen say 1400 and Siedio says 1350. No real difference between 1350 and 1400. I believe the Mugen and Amzer are exactly the same battery with different labels so if you can find one for cheaper go with it. I have the Amzer 1400 and works great. Back when I got it I was getting an extra 2 hours a day BUT I still jumped to Seidio's larger extended battery with the larger door . Then after the last few updates ( which had changes to increase battery life) I have gone back to this battery and I can last all day now. I only use the extended battery when I know I will not be near a charger for more than a day ( on vacation etc).
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    isn't the Mugen more expensive and harder to find for a decent price? I don't know for me the Seido and the regular battery seems to be almost the same.
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    Another vote for the Mugen. No problems so far.
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    seido's great.

    i'm pretty sure the 1400s are all actually 1350s. there's something technical, like they're theoretically 1400 or something... but in any case seems silly to use an 1150 when u could have a 1350
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    I've been using the Mugen 1400 for a couple months and no complaints. Love the extra 1.5 to 2 hours a day of battery life, your mileage may very, for 31.95 shipped.

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