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    The MyTether forum always very little to no help when it comes to anything Mac, so I don't really know where else to look for help.

    Just got the new MyTether update and it's working beautifully via WiFi. It seems like USB tethering just isn't going to work on the Mac and I can't seem to figure out how to get bluetooth tethering to work. Pairing the devices, in and of itself, is quite the task and this is probably one area of computers that I'm fairly clueless in. I tried adding Bluetooth PAN to System Preferences > Network, but can't ever connect to my phone which it detects.

    Hate to sound n00b-ish with the "how to" question, but I've just got no idea what to do to get bluetooth tethering to work.
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    MyTether users should directly contact the vendor from whom they purchased the product.

    -- Rod
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