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    i cant wait any longer ( was waiting for a bigger battery which could be used on a touchstone)

    need bigger battery due to thoses dam 3d game

    so i looking at getting the 1800mah or 2250mah battery. i see a lot of reviews about 2250 but none on the 1800mah size.

    does anyone have an 1800mah??? would perfer this one due to the fact i need more power but dont want a fat cow of a phone (unless the covers are the same size), anbody know if the cover thickness is much different

    both are for sale on ebay (plus are the same price )

    also i dont think that its worth getting a 1350mah for only aout 2hrs extra of power
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    me the same was looking for it but not yet odered....
    i think for the price you can't go wrong
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    I don't like how the case on the 1800mah just sticks out.
    Makes the phone uneven.

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    My god those cases are ugly as all hell... just spend the extra for one that comes with a decent case. or just carry 2 stock ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyblueeye View Post
    different shape case here

    [url= PALM PRE EXTENDED LIFE BATTERY AND DOOR NEW 1800mAh - eBay, Cell Phone PDA Accessories, Cell Phones PDAs. (end time 21-Feb-10 16:53:50 AEDST)[/url]
    haha that fixes the bottom portion, but the top is still uneven. Might as well go for the larger battery if you're going to have a bigger case.

    I wish they'd make something like 1600mah that could fit in the original back.
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    i think 1350 is the max that will fit in the original back
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    I have the 2250 and it does make it pretty big, but I'm a power user and by the end of the work day I'm usually down to 20-30% even with the extended battery so it's worth it to me to jump to the bigger size.
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    ok ive brought the 2250 due to the following reasons
    1. its the same price as the 1800 mah( including postage, this is due to high US shipping rate to Oz)
    2.based on what the 2 suppliers have said. the back thickness is the same
    3. the back on the 2250 look better.

    also due to starting a new job with long travel time i need power to entertain myself
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    Please post pics when you get it.

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