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    What is on the bottom of the touchstone that stabilizes it? Is it adhesive? I want to travel with my touchstone. When I tried to pull it off the table where I have been keeping it it seemed glued - I don't want to ruin the tabletop (or touchstone) by ripping the touchstone off. Furthermore, if I am able to get it off is there something i should cover the touchstone with before I put it in my suitcase so it doesn't become stuck to something while en route to my destination?
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    I travel with mine all the time in fact I'm at a Residence Inn right now and my phone's resting on the charger. When I move my touchstone I start by lifting up one side and SLOWLY lifting it up at an angle (sort of like your trying to peel of a sticker) I sometimes have to use a credit card to get it started.I put it in a ziploc bag before putting it in my luggage.If after moving it around a couple of times it may lose some of it's tackiness but you then only have to clean the bottom with a bit of clean water and it's as good as new
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    the adhesive is so that you have an easier tie getting your pre off because the touchstones magnets are VERY strong and if it didnt stick the touchstone would just lift up with the pre
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    I never took the plastic film off, really don't need the sticky surface. I travel with mine all of the time, I don't leave home without it.
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    I remember they made a big deal about the how the touchstone would stick pretty much anywhere, and how if it got dirty, one just needed to wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it would be good as new when it dried.

    I had one of my 3 touchstones on a glass table for a few week, and when I tried to move it, it wouldn't budge. (the whole 50lb piece of glass lifted up!) I just wet the area with a couple of drops of water and it came right off. (and wouldn't stick to anything until it dried again.) ;-) the touchstone!

    That said, I don't think I'd trust it on a nice old wooden or painted surface, I would think it very well could/would/might, pull the finish of the surface right off!
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    NAH! I have had mine on my dash and pulled it off after 3 months and nothing happened. All I did was wipe the dust off the surrounding area and it looks like nothing was there. They really thought this Touchstone thing out real good! I LOVE MY TOUCHSTONE!

    ps.... if you have a weak battery

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    LOL our huge piece of glass came up too! Have one on a wood finished night table and scared to even attempt to remove it.

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