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    I am looking for the best combination Screen Protector and thin case...I am thinking:

    1. Boxwave Screen Protector
    2. Seidio Innocase or Sprint's similar case (needs to work with Touchstone)

    Thanks for any advice...
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    innocase tabs are weak...went through 4 innocases. If you do decide to go with one, try skinomi. It only covers the screen and not the whole front slider. It fit perfectly in the seidio.

    I now use ghost armor to cover the whole front slider with a touchstone back. I also use the pouch that came with the pre. Fits nicely in my pocket.
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    I have a vzn pre plus. they offered a hard case that "works with touchstone" well sorta.
    love the hard case it makes the phone look feminine. Not teen age girly but not black, black and black.

    but I usually have to plug it in to charge. It slides off the touchstone. but the case for the protection and look are worth the irritation..
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    Could you give me a link to the Verizon case? Does it have tabs as well or is it a Sprint case style rail/slider style?

    I ordered the Boxwave Crystal Screen Protector 3 pack...
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