Hello all. I currently own a BlueAnt Supertooth Light and I just replaced it with a BlueAnt S1 model. I replaced the Supertooth Light because I thought the S1 would be better. I like the features on the S1 except for the fact that hardly anyone can hear me. I have a nice 2009 SUV so the ride is quiet, but I have to shout to have caller hear me. I have talked with BlueAnt support and they say it must have a problem. Before I return it for a replacement, I really wanted your opinions on a different model.
Features I am looking for:
  1. Other people have to be able to hear me
  2. Easy on / off
  3. Auto connect/disconnect
  4. A2DP would be swell

That’s it. I just want one that works the way it is supposed to be.
Thanks - Erik