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    Is it possible to use a touchstone kit with backcover and touchstone, bought at, with a German Palm Pre?

    The only problem I could think off were the differences between US and European power, we have 220 - 240 Volts and the US obviously 110 - 120 Volt.

    But I think that's not an issue, because the power plug, which came with the Pre works fine.

    Did anything change internally so that maybe some connectors or something won't work with the touchstone backcover?

    Thanks a lot!
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    TS hardware is the same world wide. You are fine.
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    Thanks, do you have a link to the page, where you found this info?
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    Most all of the Palm accessories for the last few years have interchangeable plugs. My pre chargers cam that way too. The adapter comes off the front and the international one plugs in to the housing. There will be no issue.
    I have traveled with Treo's all through Europe on several occasions not ever had an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JavaMonster View Post
    Thanks, do you have a link to the page, where you found this info?
    The actual TS back and induction charger is no different in Canada then it is in Germany than it is in the UK. The power sent to the phone (or accessories) via the AC adapter is the same on every continent. The AC adapter that came with your phone is the same as the one that came with my phone except yours has a different 2 prong plug. To change plugs when traveling just twist the top of the AC adapter off and put on the new plug.

    Call Palm...they will verify.
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    Thank you very much!

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