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    Does anyone know if the zagg invisible shield will conflict with the palm slip case? Will it work with it or is the zagg too grippy?
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    have you tried the touchstone back they have about the same grippy-ness
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    I have an IS installed right now with a touchstone back cover. Wanted the palm slip case, but didn't want to waste my money if the IS is too grippy and won't allow the phone to go into the case smoothly...
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    do you have the original sleeve type case that came with your pre to try and test the smoothness of the sliding
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    I'll try. It has trouble sliding the correct way into my palm slide/hip case so I just turn it around. I'll try it though. I may try going to a phantom skin just to make it a little less grippier...
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    I have IS, tried to use the Palm Side Case for Pre (not slip) at first, but had to return it because it was too difficult to remove the Pre from the case. After having a problem with a Body Glove case and racking up losses on the shipping costs, I ended up finding a "universal" side case at Wal-Mart from Case Logic and it worked out great.

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