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    any one know where i can find a really good price on one of these?
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    I'm interested too.

    Is this the only one that fits the original size?
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    This may not help you, but eforcity is selling 1350mah batteries on eBay for like $8 shipped. I am tempted to try one.
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    if you do get one let us know how it worked out for you
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    #5 had them for about $35 I think, they've been out of stock for about two weeks though, it's only available from a third party on their site.
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    anyone tried the ebay 1350 one?
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    I didn't know the price but it was the first one I saw where I didn't need to extend the batt cover. It's been pretty decent although I haven't done a full blown test and I haven't gotten though the 5 cycles before it's "optimally working" As for the price... well, it was worth it to me since I needed it ASAP. The stock batt is just worthless, I drains faster than a ****ty Hummer... (that's what she said)
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    I know you can get a Mugen 1400mAh one for $31.95 on their site that is TS compatible and fits the standard Palm back. There is a thread about it on the accessory page - 22 pages I believe. Their customer support according to that thread is lightning fast, and apparently they have a rep on these forums called MugenPower I believe.

    From what i can tell, it is a very reliable battery.
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    How much longer do the 1350's last compared to the stock ones?
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    The 1350s last about 2-3 hours longer according to most people. I can't confirm this though as I haven't gotten my Pre yet.
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    I am thinking of taking a chance on one of the $8.50 or so ones from ebay. If I do I'll let you guys know how it works out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flush2810 View Post
    any one know where i can find a really good price on one of these?
    I have the Seidio 1350mAh battery. I got it on Amazon for about $37.00. I would recommend getting the Mugen 1400mAh battery, it's the same as the Azmer but it's cheaper.

    You can get it here: Buy Mugen Power 1400mAh Extended Battery For Palm Pre and Palm Pixi [HLI-PRESL]

    I'm getting this battery next, because it's the largest output you can get without having to change the back.
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    I just noticed that Amazon has the 1350 now for $42.59 in stock or 2600 for $49.10 (the larger battery with replacement door) - both in stock - The latest on Las Vegas

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