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    I have a blue Seidio Innocase that I did the magnet-mod to and not long ago one of my tabs broke off. Since I didn't buy direct from Seidio they were giving me trouble trying to swap it out, so I decided to try to fix it myself. I grabbed a box of glue dots and applied two of them to the inside of the Innocase near where the tabs had broken and stuck it back on. Works great albeit slightly ghetto LOL

    I refuse to buy another case after spending the cash on my Innocase + Holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atremorer View Post
    From What I've seen the Verizon case and the Sprint case were both made by AGFindings. Another thread mentions that exactly. I believe the Sprint case was made earlier and the original ones only had an indention where the case was thinner for the Touchstone. The newer ones it's completely cut out.

    That would be the difference..... there was a guy on these forums that took a dremel to his sprint case (back long before the VZW release), and cut out the hole (pretty sure it was a sprint case or similarly designed case) to allow the phone to sit better on the touchstone (apparently like the VZW one is in retail form).
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    w w w . t o u c h s t o n e m o d s . c o m

    I'm sure that guy would happily mod a case for you.
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    True, the AGFindings GRT case does add some bulk but I like it a bit better that way. Sure, it's not as sleek but it's also less slippery. I figure a little bulk (more than a skin, less than either an ottercase, Verizon case or the BodyGlove case - talk about bulky - but probably great for a rough outdoor adventure) is better than my new (only about 6 weeks old) Pre Plus sliding out of my hand like a banana out of its skin! In truth, with the GRT case on, the phone (keyboard slider closed) is just a bit taller than a deck of cards and almost exactly as wide. It stays in pockets better and takes an average knock better that's for sure. I have a full screen protector on the front so with that and the case, the Pre Plus is completely enclosed from most scuffs and scrapes being tossed into my purse. Definitely protects and helps stave off the "oreo" issue. Being a woman, I don't find accessing any of the buttons (on/off, volume up/down, ringer on/off) all that difficult but perhaps for a man it would be a different matter. I make sure the slider is shut before I open or close the USB port door cover (as I don't have a touchstone charger) so it doesn't get in the slider's way. Good luck, I've tried about 4 different cases (starting with the BodyGlove; black, rubber, option to use a belt clip) and it not only added bulk but signifcant weight as well and the other cases I've had just felt cheap (though they didn't price out that way). Also, unlike the Verizon version (I saw that one in a store), the metallic blue (matte not shiny) version I have actually has a bit of "grip" to it making it easier to hold.
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