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    I'm currently looking to get a better battery. What I need to know is if there is a battery that is bigger capacity but not thickness wise. I plan on buying the Otterbox case when it comes out and do not want to have a battery/pre that wont fit it.
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    Innocell 1350mAh Slim Extended Life Battery is the same size
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    I'm using the Amzer 1400, but thinking of going back to the Sedio 2600. Its awesome enough to justify the thickness IMO
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    I have been using the Mugen 1400 for a couple months, so far so good, adds a couple of hours of battery life. Fits in the stock TS battery cover and no problems charging my Pre on the TS charger. No problems with the battery shorting out when opening and closing the keyboard.
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    I also use the Seidio 2600 and could not live without it. I am a very heavy user so the 2600 lasts me about 13-15 hours.
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    I appreciate the candor towards the 2600 but the extra thickness will not allow the otterbox case to to fit
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    I also have the Mugen 1400. It fits, does it's job and adds a few hours of life to the device.

    It seems this is one of the largest batteries that will fit in the stock place.

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    +1 to the Mugen 1400

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