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    ya i stay away from dell. i had some pretty bad expierences with them over the years. never again!
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    And Dell wonders why they have to lay off so many people....
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    Mine got cancelled, too (after over a week). I think the Dell Mobility Store definitely operates separately from the regular Dell site. I had to enter info again, etc. even though I have an account on's service has been great. I can't say the same for their Mobility Store...
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    My order was cancelled after eight days. They told me that the manufacturer is no longer making the touchstone... They're on crack! I sent them a "friendly" email to remind them that they suck.
    (Dell Mobility)
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    From being on the other side (working in the warehouse that ships the product) they either mis-placed the product when they got it and stored it in the wrong place and can't find it or it's been stolen and still showing up in inventory. Plus, there are alot of employees still there that are fearing a layoff so their efforts on finding lost or hidden product will generate little to no effort.
    Order from someplace that's not about to go under.
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    next time i plan to record the conversations i have with any and all of these kinds of phone calls
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    You can do that easily with google voicee
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    best buy is the cheapest in my area .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    best buy is the cheapest in my area .
    thats weird they're the most expensive in mine
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    I ordered two touchstones from Dell Mobility, and got them this past Monday, went well for me.
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    i sent them a nice fvck you email.
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    I can't convince these idiots that my order didn't ship. The FedEx tracking number shows it was handed off to USPS on the 2nd of Feb. Well we all know USPS doesn't take that long to deliver stuff. So I call to get my refund and they are like it shows it is on its way to you. What we is funny though is when I entered my order number into the automated system, it even said the order was cancelled.
    I just want my monies!
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