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    Is there anyway to mount the touchstone onto the wall?
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    Seriously though, I'm sure there are some adhesive pads that would work for this and still allow you to remove it when you need to... I would suggest checking out a Home Depot or Lowes type store, they're sure to have something that would serve the purpose.
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    Nailgun...a couple of 4 inch, 20-penny nails should hold it up nicely.
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    Would a GPS disk that is for your car dash work? The surface is smooth enough for the base to grip on and it has the adhesive on the bottom that should hold to the wall rather well. I have not tried this but I think that I will if I can find one of my disks from my GPSs that I never used.
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    Honestly, the Touchstone might be strong enough on its own to stick to the wall. As a test, I tried doing just that a while back, and while I was paranoid about it falling with the Pre on it, so I didn't do it, removing the Touchstone pulled the paint off the wall as well. Seems to me like that means it'd probably be strong enough, though don't blame me if it's not, either. :P
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    I mounted a touchstone on the backsplash of my kitchen. It sticks like glue to my tile.

    I bet it would pull paint off a wall when removing it. Maybe go by some of the 3M sticky tabs. When you pull on them, they release and you can take the touchstone off the wall.

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    I was thinking the same, just use a couple of those 3M tabs that are meant to hold the wall hooks.. that way when you go to remove them, you won't damage your finish
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    I wonder if you could get the sticky tabs to release from the Touchstone? I can't believe how well it sticks to things.
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    Here is a shot from my kitchen:

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    man that looks very nice
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    Sorry about the size of the pic.

    Thanks! Yeah, it looks pretty clean like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crewcabrob View Post
    Here is a shot from my kitchen:

    are you going to eat those bananas?? No but seriously it looks nice.
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    You wouldn't believe how many bananas my family eats. I have to buy them about three times a week. It's not unusual for us to eat 6-7 a day. Better them than a bunch of candy or chips.


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