I just got my Touchstone the other day (ordered two when DELL mobility had the clearance sale) and it has been acting a little goofy on me.

After doing a search I found answers to some of the other problems but nothing to resolve the issue I had this morning. When I went to take my Pre off the Touchstone, it was only at 74% charge after charging all night. It was also in ROAM with no signal bars showing and only 1x data. I immediately took it off the Touchstone. I normally have 5 bars at home without roaming so I opened the phone app and changed the preferences so the phone would use "Sprint Only" for Voice. It immediately gave me 5 bars and EVDO. When I put it back on the Touchstone to see what would happen without roam on I lost all cell and data signal. I then restarted my phone and placed it back on the Touchstone and it seems to be acting normal (for now at least).

I have a Seidio Innocase on the phone and it is homebrewed and patched up. My wife does not have an Innocase or any homebrew/patches on her phone and has had no problems whatsoever with her new Touchstone. I was wondering if it could be the Innocase doing something to the connection or if there are any patches/homebrew apps known to mess with the Touchstone. Anyone have any idea how to address this problem or should I contact PALM to see if I can get a replacement Touchstone?