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    Interesting problem.

    My Pre with Touchstone-compatible back and Seidio Innocase sits on the Touchstone and charges up to 100%.

    Then, without any warning after a couple of hours, it starts discharging fast, even though the display still says that it's charging. Last night it was at 100% at midnite then 19% by 7am!

    Anybody else having a similar problem?

    BTW, same thing happened on two different Touchstones.

    Makes me think it is either a faulty Pre or somehow the Pre gets too hot with the Innocase on (it's quite warm when i take it off the Touchstone).

    I may take off the Innocase and try charging without and see if I have the same problem (but the Innocase tabs break so easily that I may not want to risk it!).
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    I just bought the Pre plus and the touchstone and I'm having the same problem. I don't have any case on it. It goes up to 100% and then usually I get it at around 85% by morning.
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    sounds like the contact between the pre and the touchstone might be coming loose.
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    Could be a defective touchstone. My first touchstone would do the same thing... phone would show 100% on the TS, then when I take it off it would drop down to 10% or less. It also had issues of connecting and disconnecting when on the TS.

    I took it back to the store and got a new one and have not had 1 issue since (been about 7 months now)
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    i have a similar issue.

    i put my phone on the charger, and it charges for a while. then, it stops charging and switches from the dimmed clock screen, to a fully lit main screen. I usually charge at night, so it's rather annoying to have a bright light on(not to mention, it's draining the battery). I don't see how it's a faulty touchstone, considering it does charge. somewhere along the line, the software says "i'm done charging, the user needs a fully lit screen".

    but yeah, i charged it all night last night. i wake up this morning to a 30% battery and unable to send/recieve calls and txts even though i have full service bars. a reboot fixed the calls/txts issues, which makes me think it's a software issue even more.

    is there a software setting i'm missing?
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    Well, the guy at Verizon tried to tell me that it was designed that way, but I swapped mine out and the problem is gone. Get a new touchstone.
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    Well that would be a pretty terrible design, wouldn't it. Jeez, the wacky things some of these people say to try to screw customers over.

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