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    ok so I've had a touchstone since christmas that I use at work and it's been working perfectly fine. I just bought one for my wife's pre that we're going to use at home. I just tried it today and I seem to be having a slight issue. Her phone seems to be charging just fine, but when I plop mine down it doesn't seem to be doing anything. does each backing only work with it's own touchstone? I was under the impression that they should work on any touchstone....

    any help with this?
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    they should all work the same lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    No ... any Pre with a Touchstone back will work on any Touchstone. Mine just had a problem yesterday, and I think it's because the back loses contacts with a couple of little prongs that connect it to the Pre. If you take the back off and look ... there's a couple of metal contacts on the cover and then there two little spring prongs that it needs to touch on the circuit board.

    On mine, one looked like it had been bent down and I *very gently* pulled it up a bit. Fixed it for me. I've heard other folks say that the magnet on the Touchstone can pull the cover away from the contacts over time ... not sure if that's true or not.
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    Totally different question:
    I'm looking at buying a touchstone back cover only, as the normal Pre cover is loosy and makes noises.
    - does the Pre stay the same size with the touchstone cover?
    - what is different with the cover; material, any magnets or electricity added?
    thanks for any input.
    brds, nimra

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