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    Hey guys I got the body glove after everyone seemed to think it was good beside the adding bulkiness part. Anyway I put it on and my phone doesn't slide open well at all. It is not smooth? Does anyone who owns a body glove have the same problem, do I have to like wear it in? I read the forums and reviews (not all of them) but it seemed like no one else was mentioning it. Am I doing something wrong with the case? Help would be appreciated. I'm a total nub to the palm but I have to admit I am loving it.
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    i have the same problem with my replacement body glove - did you ever solve yours?
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    Is that not how all these types of ases are? I notice the same thing on my Rocketfish case.
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    my first body glove didn't seem to affect the slide as much as the current one - anyone 'grease' theirs up a bit? any ideas?
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    I've had the Pre and the body glove for about a week now. No problem with the slider, but the back of the cover is *extremely* hard to remove.

    No touchstone for me
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    I had problems with a replacement one (first one tabs broke off removing it to do a battery pull). I just looked at the case as I was sliding and noticed that it rubs all over the place...exacto knife later, slides with no problem. Seems like the replacement cover had tabs that were higher along with the edges being taller...

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