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    hows the fit and quality on the battery cover itself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgordons24 View Post
    hows the fit and quality on the battery cover itself?
    Fit and quality is great. They just need to redesign the camera/flash opening. Seidio has a more elegant solution (but of course more expensive). I will try and modify myself and see if I get good results.
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    If I use the camera I just take the back off, or in some cases the flash will take care of the darkening around the edges.
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    Anyone just dremel the opening up wider for the camera/flash?
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    Watching the video, I found it quite jerky and almost annoying to watch as the picture kept going in and out of focus. Was it head mounted? If so, I'd try and go with something more stable, perhaps on a tripod, next time.

    I have what is probably the same battery, but I bought it as a Centro battery, so there was no Pre back for it. I made a hybrid back using a spare TS back and a stock back melded together, and extended the TS connector so it still works. It's not pretty but it works, and it's not nearly as thick as the one in the video. I'd show some pics, but really, it's pretty ugly...
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