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    Has anyone ever gotten the palm pre leather side case?

    Is it worth getting it, like is the case good?
    Also, might there be any other better case that is cheaper or equal value

    Last, is pre central a dependable site when it comes to ordering items from here?
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    The frustrating part for me is that the "official" side case is useless for listening to music with the Palm Pre holstered, since the headphone jack is on the tip top of the device. I guess you could manually drill a little hole in the case? But why didn't someone think of this before putting the holster on sale? (Unfortunately, the holster Verizon is selling suffers from the same oversight.)

    Otherwise, the case works well. The little tab to lift the Pre up was clever and helps. The materials seem durable. I've never ordered anything through PreCentral, though, so I can't comment on that question.
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    Thank you, and I might just get the phone experts super thing pocket pouch since I like keeping phones in my pocket, and also phantomskinz

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