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    I did a quick seach and didn't come up with anything, though I thought I had seen a thread a month ago. Does anyone know if the PRE battery is the same as any previous Palm phones and if so which models.

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    same as the centro battery, but the centro battery has a larger thermal circuit. i have 3 new centro batteries and they last longer than the new pre/ pixi batteries i have
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    Same thing with the 750 series
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    +1 on the centro but in my experience it lasts less but it might be mine losing charge with age
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    ok I may be ******** but what do you mean by "larger thermal circuit" what does that translate to? Longer charge time? Increased up time? The contacts don't match uo correctly? Does the Centro battery get as hot as the OEM battery?
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    old thread I know, but I figured maybe someone would know. I grabbed some centro batteries and they work great but they cause my touchstone to constantly ding at me when charging. Anyone else have this issue when using centro batteries?
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    how much mah is on the centro battery?
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    they are both 1150 mah
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