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    Sprint Palm Pre Dual Battery USB Desktop Cradle Dock Charger

    Admittedly not as elegant a solution as the Touchstone, but I was thinking of it as solution for the car, since I'm unwilling to put a touchstone in plain view on the dashboard (hard neighborhood).

    It's a bit bulky, but much cheaper and seemingly more versatile than that overpriced plastic box that Palm sells to charge an additional battery.

    Anyone else try one of these? It's obviously wasn't designed with only the Pre in mind (stylus holder! ) so I'm wondering if everything else about it is kosher.

    Actually, because of the low price, I was thinking of dissecting it, and extracting the battery charger part, and integrating it into a touchstone (it's on USB voltage anyway...). I haven't gotten one yet, but it seems there'd be room to cut a nice rectangular sized hole in it somewhere around the back...
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    It looks to me like the Pre just sits in the cradle with nothing really holding it in place except gravity. It would probably fall out if you used it in the car.

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