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    Alright, I must be a complete moron. I have this mount and I CANNOT figure out how it mounts. The pre snaps in fine but the suction cup has that little tab on the side which (for me at least) means that I cannot get any suction power on any surface.

    I have the sticky disc for mounting on the dash but I assume it's supposed to provide the suction base. The mount won't stick to the disc or glass or anything.

    Can someone advise on the suctioning action here?

    See my car mounting solution
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    mea culpa: Stephen's pix helped me understand that I am supposed to engage the push tab when suctioning. Works great now (w/o moisture)
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    I like the vent mount made by iGrip. They're available in the Precentral store.
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    I purchased the Sprint Car Charger this weekend out of necessity, so rather than deal with trying to get a Touchstone to work I did it the cheap and easy way with a Grip-iT Mobile Car Mount from Bracketron. Now my Pre thinks it's a GPS
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    I've been using the Pro-clip for a while now. It works great with the Pre and I'm still able to access the charge port.

    BTW: I first got it with my Treo 650 and switched out the phone mount when I got the Centro. When I got the Pre, I was pleasantly surprised to find it also fit in the Centro mount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ducatti20 View Post
    I just purchased a ProClip for my F150 2 weeks ago.... best money ever spent! Really solid mount, easy to use and now my Pre stays charged all the time in the car... Awesome mounts, kinda pricey... but awesome!
    You're right about pro clip... been using them for years!
    Right now I'm using a pro clip mount with a touchstone. Too cool!!!
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